Le regard du Chevalier Noir, ainsi que sa voix, résonnaient dans l'âme et le coeur du jeune homme..
Lui infligeant une peur incomparable, comme si à travers les yeux du Guerrier il avait pu voir toutes les batailles qu'il avait mené. (Lyuno)

Hearts Top Chef : GM grillé sur lit de fleurs de liche
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Xanxicar en guilde
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1.66f + screens TOA - Par nydaunvan - 17/10/2003 @ 09:19

comme hier voici le descriptif du patch 1.66f mis en service sur le serveur de test Pendragon ainsi que 3 screens publier ce jour sur camelotvault.ign.com

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.66f Test Release Notes

October 16, 2003


- The runemaster Raven Bolt line will no longer incorrectly delve as having a 20 second recast timer.

- Increased the range on Ameliorating Melodies to 2000.

- Increased the range of all cure disease and cure poison spells to 2000.


Hibernia Monsters

- Curengkur in Alta Fearran will now correctly call for help

Patcher Down, Getting Stuff On It from Sanya Thomas
Starting this afternoon (and there will be several more installments), we're going to be putting small downloads onto the patcher. These files are for players with the Shrouded Isles and Classic clients, so those customers will be able to see armors and equipment from the Trials after launch day. We're doing the small downloads now, to prevent a giant pileup on TOA launch day.

If you are a Classic client only customer, you'll download about 4 MB when the patcher returns. Shrouded Isles players will have about 7 MB.

Trials Of Atlantis To Ship October 28 from Matt Firor
We are very happy to announce that Trials of Atlantis, Dark Age of Camelot's second retail expansion, will ship on Tuesday October 28 - less than two weeks from now. You should see it in stores shortly thereafter - but you can always pre-order from your favorite online retailer such as Gamestop, EBworld, Amazon.com or retailer like Best Buy, Electronics Boutique, etc.

Yesterday's Read Files from Sanya Thomas
Whoops! In my DayQuil induced haze, I neglected to post two read files we ran yesterday afternoon. Sorry, y'all. Here they are:

Quest NPC's Amargein, Trealine and Scholar Nenet are all back in their regular locations.

Curengkur should no longer drop loot where it cant be picked up.
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