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1.66j +1.66k + screens a foison - Par nydaunvan - 27/10/2003 @ 09:53

Tout dabord, retrouver ci dessous la liste des derniers correctif pour les patchs 1.66j et 1.66k sur le serveur de test Pendragon (US)

Le site camelotvault.ign.com publie 9 screens de Toa de toute beauté.

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.66j Test Release Notes

October 23, 2003


- Players from all three realms can now purchase new portal medallions at their primary portal location (Druim Ligen, Castle Sauvage, or Svasud Faste). Players who have the Shrouded Isles expansion can port there with the Medallion of Isles Passage. Players who have the Trials of Atlantis expansion can port there with the Medallion of Heroes Passage.

- In an effort to increase framerates during large scale raids like relic keep raids, we have converted many of the guards in the frontier to a new model which should increase framerate performance, at the cost of a little less variety in the guards looks.

- Delving items in the trade window will now correctly show left hand usable and two handed flags on weapons.

- Shields now display level on the mini-info window.

- Water in Raumarik and Vanera Swamp will no longer act like lava. (Pendragon only fix)


We have added a new feature to help large player groups coordinate and share credit for certain encounters. Battlegroups (similar in function to chatgroups) allow players to band together in large numbers (up to 200). Basically battlegroups behave just like chatgroups, with the added ability for the developers to set certain encounters to give credit to all the members of a battlegroup (instead of a single player or the group that gets the kill). Right now this is used throughout ToA for the Trial Encounters, so more than one group of players can get credit for participating in the encounter, whether or not they or their immediate group got the killing blow. Experience will still be given out based on your immediate group. We will be adding additional tools in a version in the near future that will allow battlegroups to allocate loot amongst the members of the group.

- bg = shorthand for battlegroup in all commands.

- bc = shorthand for battlegroup chat in all commands.

- Battle group sends and battle group leader sends each have their own chat channels now which are customizable on the client.

/battlegroup help : Displays all battle group commands

/battlegroup invite [playername] : Invites the specified player to the battle group

/battlegroup who : Lists all members of the battle group

/battlegroup groups : will display a group focused version of the /battlegroup who command. It will identify who is grouped within the battlegroup, who is grouped with people outside the group, and who is solo.

/battlegroup remove [playername] : Removes the specified player from the battle group

/battlegroup leave : Remove oneself from the battle group

/battlegroup listen : Puts the battle group on listen mode; only the leader and leaders can speak

/battlegroup leader : Declare another member of the battle group as leader; This player can invite other players into the battle group and speak when the battle group is on listen mode.

/battlegroup public : The battle group is public and anyone can join by typing /bg join

/battlegroup private : The battle group is invite or password-only

/battlegroup join [leader name] : Join a public battlegroup group by name of the leader

/battlegroup join [leader name] [password] : Join a private battle group which has a password set

/battlegroup password : Display the current password for the battle group (leader only)

/battlegroup password clear : Clears the current password (leader only)

/battlegroup password [new password] : Sets a new password


Midgard Monsters

- The Seer of Ancient Dawning's normal location has been shifted slightly out of the lava.


Albion Monsters

- Sarcodina should now have a chance to drop magical loot.


- Players with the Trials of Atlantis expansion can now use the Heroes portal scroll to port to Atlantis. As a result, the following housing teleporters have been renamed:

Svasud and Aegirhamn Teleporter is now Svasud, Isles, and Heroes Teleporter
Castle Sauvage and Gothwaite Teleporter is now Sauvage, Isles, and Heroes Teleporter
Druim Ligen and Domnann Teleporter is now Ligen, Isles, and Heroes Teleporter


- The teleporters on Gaheris and Mordred will allow players who purchase the Trials of Atlantis expansion to teleport to Atlantis.

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.66k Test Release Notes

October 24, 2003


We've added the ability for battle groups to have a “Treasurer”. This system works similar to Group autosplit – If the treasurer is within 4096 units (in game terms, which is approximately 340 feet in real world terms) of loot which is picked up by a battle group member the loot will go to the treasurer as long as he has room for it and the item is at least the level set with the bg lootlevel command. (see below). This should facilitate distribution of loot in large raids.

- /bg loot treasurer/normal command will toggle the Treasurer feature on or off.

- /bg treasurer [battle group member name] to declare a treasurer.

- /bg lootlevel [level] to set a threshold for the level an item must be to enter into this sytem.

Shar Stats:

Str - 60
Con - 80
Dex - 50
Qui - 50
Int - 60
Pie - 60
Emp - 60
Cha - 60

Frostalf Stats: (EDITED)

Str - 55
Con - 55
Dex - 55
Qui - 60
Int - 60
Pie - 75
Emp - 60
Cha - 60

Half-Ogre Stats:

Str - 90
Con - 70
Dex - 40
Qui - 40
Int - 60
Pie - 60
Emp - 60
Cha - 60

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