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1.67a sur Pendragon + screen - Par nydaunvan - 04/12/2003 @ 09:38

Le serveur de test Pendragon(US) viens de passer en patch 1.67a, au menu, ajout de mobs dans les zones TOA, correction bug d'affichage pour le poid des objets, corrections quete et items pour les divers extension, ajout d'une nouvelle zone dans foundation pour chaque royaume et modification de l'interface XML. Ci dessous un screen d'un baton drop dans les zones TOA (baton de poséidon ? )

Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.67a Test Release Notes

December 3, 2003


- More monster camps have been added throughout Oceanus - as well as a few in Aerus - which are designed to give groups of upper level players a way to get standard experience while adventuring in Atlantis. This addition is in response to player concern about not having enough hunting areas in Atlantis that weren't directly related to Master Levels or Artifacts.

- Added the command /vdestination x y (eg: /vdestination 32000 32000) which will sail your boat to a /loc within your current zone.

- Players who die in a duel while having a "song" charmed pet will no longer take experience deaths.

- Fixed delve on water breathing potions.

- All objects will now have their weights displayed on the mini-info window.

- (TOA Only) Reflective Water will now have a much more visible water surface at night.

- (TOA Interface) When adjusting the alpha settings for XML-enabled windows (such as the chat and summary windows), you can now adjust the text and background alpha values independantly. Alpha settings are changed as they have always been, by right clicking on the windows.


- Shark Routes have been added to Atlantis! Stablemasters have been added to the docks outside of each of the Havens, Oceanus, Stygia, Volcanus and Aerus. There is also a stablemaster located in Mesothalassa which has routes to each of the Havens. These merchants also have a ticket that gives you a tour of some of the more important areas and features of their respective zones. For those of you looking to take advantage of these new routes, dont forget your breathing potions and look for the following tritons:

- Feurbe is the Oceanus Haven Stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster, and a tour of Oceanus Hesperos.

- Lokhas is the Mesothalassa stablemaster with routes to Haven of Oceanus, Haven of Aerus, Haven of Stygia, Haven of Volcanus and a tour of Mesothalassa.

- Splogorf is the Volcanus Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Anatole.

- Estcheron is the Stygia Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Boreal.

- Gombuor is the Aerus Haven stablemaster with routes to the Mesothalassa stablemaster and a tour of Oceanus Notos.


This patch contains several updates to the TOA Configurable User Interface system. Some custom skins may not work, or may need minor adjustment to work with the new changes. As we update the system, we will provide detailed notes in these patch notes containing what has been changed.

Anytime you experience any problems with a custom skin, you should switch back to one of the pre-built skins using the Options Menu at the Character Select screen.

- The following styles have been changed in styles.xml. If you have copied this file into your custom folder, you will either need to recopy it after patching or copy the appropriate control templates to your custom styles.xml:

ButtonTemplate: combo_label
MenuTemplate: generic_menu
ComboBoxTemplate: generic_combobox

- The Help Window, Emblem Picker, Spells window, and ingame Options Menus have all been converted to XML. The new xml files are:


- Fixed a crash that UI Modders were encountering when removing health bars from some windows.

- The group_level adapters will now clear to zero when not being used.

- The following option has been added to label and scalar label definitions:

TextCentered - the text for the label will be centered inside it's width

- The following option has been added to scalar label definitions:

DontDrawWhenZero - the scalar label will not draw when the bound adapter has a value of zero.


Quests- General

- The tradeskill masters in each capital city have decided that it is time to pass on their tarnished tradeskill tools.

Albion Quests

- Leoma in Prydwen Keep is seeking assistance in obtaining a potion which can restore her eyesight.

Hibernia Quests

- Mystaia in Ardagh has been causing some trouble around town and the townspeople are not very pleased. She needs someone to help her get out of her predicament.

Midgard Quests

- Grimkel in Fort Atla knows of a potion which is said to create wealth. He needs assistance in collecting the ingredients for the potion.


Item Notes

- Shreg's Thin Blade (Midgard) will now grant sword skill instead of slash skill.


Encounters - General

- We are aware there has been some confusion about whether players have received credit for a story encounter or not. To help clear up this confusion, players will now receive a message when they successfully complete a story encounter, whether they obtain the artifact or not. Players will see a message like "You have completed the Fool's Bow Encounter quest." This will then show up in your completed quest list, although story encounters are not quests. If no message is received, then credit for that encounter was not awarded. When a player unlocks an artifact, the Encounter listing will be removed from the completed list and replaced with the Artifact Completion message (such as 'You have completed the Fool's Bow quest'). Check your completed quest list to see which story encounters you have received credit for in the past.

Artifact Updates

Bruiser (Midgard)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing the Lorekeepers in Midgard to give out the wrong versions of Bruiser. Players that selected the one-handed version were instead receiving the two-handed version while players that wanted the two-handed version were receiving the one-handed version. Players may return to Loremistress Hetha or Loremistress Marga to exchange their Bruiser. Please note that this exchange can only be done ONCE and cannot be undone. Also note that only players who received Bruiser before this fix can exchange it.

Aten's Shield (Midgard)

- We have fixed a bug that allowed Savages to obtain Aten's Shield although they could not use it. Savages should return to Loremaster Jorian or Loremistress Agneta to return their activated Aten's Shield. The Lorekeepers will give Savages a locked version of the Aten's Shield which can then be traded or sold. Remus' Story will not be returned to Savages.

- Also, we discovered and fixed a bug that was stopping Healers and Shamans from either unlocking the Shield or having it returned. Any Healer or Shaman that has the Aten's Shield quest in their pending list can either say [Aten] to continue the process of unlocking it or say [dispose] to have the Shield returned to them for trading/selling.

Bruiser (Hibernia)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing the Sages in Hibernia to give out the Midgard version of the two-handed Magma Bruiser. Players that received this version should return to Sage Girom or Sage Aideena to exchange the Midgard Magma Bruiser for the Hibernian one.

Enyalios Boots (Albion)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing Mercenaries to get the plate version of Enyalios Boots. Mercenaries can take their plate Enyalios Boots to Scholar Girec or Nisreena to exchange them for a chain version.

Enyalios Boots (Midgard)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing Berserkers and Savages to get the chain version of these boots instead of the studded version. Berserkers and Savages can take their chain Enyalios Boots to Loremaster Pahr or Loremaster Sverrir to exchange them for a studded version.

Enyalios Boots (Hibernia)

- We have fixed a bug that was preventing Bards from activating the Enyalios Boots.

Shades of Mists (Hibernia)

- Valewalkers can now unlock the magic of the Shades of Mists Cloak.

Wings Dive (Albion)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing the Scholars to give Mercenaries a plate version of the Wings Dive leggings instead of chain. Mercenaries can take their plate version of Wings Dive back to Scholar Girec or Scholar Nisreena and exchange them for a chain version.

Wings Dive (Midgard)

- We have fixed a bug that was causing the Lorekeepers to give Berserkers and Savages a chain version of the Wings Dive leggings instead of studded. Berserkers and Savages can take their chain version of Wings Dive back to Loremaster Pahr or Loremaster Sverrir to exchange them for a studded version.

Wings Dive (Hibernia)

- We have fixed a bug that was preventing Bards from activating the Wings Dive leggings.

Researcher Updates

- We have added artifact information to each realm's Apprentice researcher in the Haven of Oceanus. The Apprentices will now tell players which classes can use a specific artifact. In Albion, speak to Apprentice Aegan. In Midgard, Apprentice Yian has this information while Apprentice Garrad in Hibernia knows about the artifacts. We are in the process of adding this information for Stygia, Volcanus and Aerus. Please remember, they are only apprentices and they are still learning, so the information they give may change as they learn and grow.

Item Notes

- All partially and fully combined artifact scrolls can now be traded.

- The delve information on Pheobus' Letters, 1 of 3, has been fixed.

- The Corrupt Cincture of Terkari (Midgard) no longer has a 0 power bonus.

- The Axe of the Whispering Wind (Albion) will now have a chance to proc.

- The Embedded Scale Vest (Hibernia) has been renamed to Embedded Bone Vest.

- Stygian and Aerus named quest mobs should no longer drop artifact scrolls. Please note that the correct number of scrolls were already dropping from common mobs, but were mistakenly added to some quest mobs as well.



- We are happy to introduce a new housing area for each realm with this version. Albion players can now settle down after a long day of adventuring in Brisworthy, while Midgard players can start building Frisia into a bustling haven of activity, and Hibernians can stake their claims and design the house of their dreams in Saerenthal.

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