Le regard du Chevalier Noir, ainsi que sa voix, résonnaient dans l'âme et le coeur du jeune homme..
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Add on : Frontier - Par nydaunvan - 11/12/2003 @ 13:05

Une annonce officiel de Mark Jacobs , président de Mythic Entertainment, viens de paraitre sur la prochaine extension Rvr : Frontier. Retrouver dabord l'annonce en version originale puis une traduction des principaux points.
Dark Age of Camelot : Frontier

It is time to officially take the wraps off our next big project, codenamed "Frontiers". This is Dark Age of Camelot’s long-awaited RvR overhaul; where we take the lessons we’ve learned from the last two years of RvR combat and make appropriate changes. This will be a free expansion, available via download. It is currently scheduled to go into a limited beta in February.

We know that this is a much anticipated update for Camelot, and as such we plan to keep the community fully informed about its design and development details. There will be no secrets in Frontiers – we’ll make all the appropriate information public as soon as we can, so that you, the Camelot community, will have plenty of time to make comments, give your feedback, and be part of the process.

There are three overall goals for Frontiers – goals that every design decision will be evaluated against. The design goals are:

- Make RvR combat more accessible – finding battles more quickly. We want players to be able to log in, find a battle, and RvR.

- Add more tactics and diversity through geography, siege/boat warfare, expanded keep upgrading options. There will be more disparate places to engage in RvR, with more strategic elements.

- More concrete bonuses and abilities as rewards for RvR – in other words, make the awards for RvR more obvious and better presented, and make sure that the Realm ability system is well balanced and logical.

The first big change in Frontiers will be the reorganization of each Realm’s frontier zones into one "region", which means that there will be no zoning between the frontiers. This will make it much easier to communicate with other players, and to travel from one frontier area to another. Each Realm’s new frontier area will be separated from the others by an ocean.

This is the first in a series of regular updates that we’ll be releasing about the Frontiers expansion. In the next update: a map of the updated Midgard frontier.
La bêta commencera en Février. Frontière sera un add on optionnel téléchargeable gratuitement.

- Rendre le RvR plus accessible, en facilitant la création de groupes, et le fait de rentrer plus rapidement dans la bataille.

- Diversifier les tactiques de jeu : sièges, combats maritimes, nouvelles options pour les forts...

- Des gains plus tangibles en RvR, et une réorganisation du système des RAs.

- La fusion des trois zones frontières en une immense zone de conflit. Chaque zone frontière étant "séparée" des deux autres par des océans. Cette nouvelle et immense zone RvR sera sans aucun chargement.

Les cartes de la frontière Midgardienne seront bientôt rendues publiques.

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